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Sulzer Pumps (UK) Ltd delivers pumps for demanding applications. It is a leading provider in markets including: oil and gas, power and water. It serves clients worldwide through a production and service network of over 150 locations.

'There are three things that made me consider the Central Eastern European market. Firstly, the location. It's not far from Western Europe to come to Romania. The culture and the language are not so different when doing business. Romanian companies are very competitive, willing to work, flexible, eager to meet and work in partnership with you. The potential partners I have met in Romania are very experienced, and in fact very modest about their capabilities. 

Secondly, it's really nice to come and be able to speak in English with so many people. That's not usually the case when you go to other countries. Here, in Romania, so many people are able to speak English, which makes a big difference.

Thirdly, I would say it's the international outlook of the country. Many companies are already working with Western European customers and American customers. It's very reassuring to visit a company and realise they are familiar working with international customers, with exports and different standards.' 

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