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A number of British companies start off by exporting goods and/or services to Romania but at that stage do not need to have a permanent presence in Romania. The next stage of growth requires a presence in Romania.

Like any other venture into a new foreign market, it is important that the first principles that you would apply in the UK when making a decision as to whether or not to enter the UK market also apply to entering the market in Romania. You must have a product or service that you know that you can sell, you must have identified the market, you must have a business plan, you must have funding.

Above all, you must have identified partners in Romania whom you trust and can work with.

There is no substitute for market research in Romania, in order to confirm whether or not your business plan meets the above criteria. You need to visit Romania and investigate the potential opportunities. You need to talk to the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC). You need to talk to other British companies about their experience in doing business in or with Romania.

Above all, you need to obtain the correct advice from those who understand doing business in Romania. The first step is to thoroughly research the business case. If you conclude that you do have a business case, you then need to consult the experts who can give you advice and assistance regarding forming a company, labour law, contractual issues, hiring staff and so on.

The BRCC operates a "First Call" system whereby its members specialized in the various fields may be contacted for advice. They all agree to provide the first hour of consultation free of charge. Such help sought at the right time can make the difference between succeeding and failing.

Good luck with your venture!