Country Partners

Membership Benefits

All companies in the CEE are welcome to join this Business Community and actively participate in our events, activities and initiatives.  

With the CEE Top Level Partner Membership Package you can access the following:

  • Country news updates and GDP info
  • The latest events in each of our EU member CEE Countries
  • Your specific company profile is viewable within our country member's section
  • Your company logo is alongside your company profile with a link to your website
  • Access to all our database of members throughout the CEE.

‚ÄčThe CEE Monthly Newsletter

  • The CEE Newsletter; each month available for download or email delivery
  • The Newsletter provides a monthly overview of every EU CEE country with all the exciting information you need to know for your business
  • It features our new members, each month a CEE partner profile as well as updated info on all our Country partners

The Web sponsorship package:

  • Top headline banner "CEE Partner"
    Displayed on CEE EU homepage

    (leading to an individual CEE Company Profile Page)
  • Right column advertising banner
    (leading to an individual CEE Company Profile Page)
  • CEE Right hand advertising banner drill down to each country
  • Your company is always visible throughout the region.


Your CEE Company Profile Page includes:

  • All the latest news from your company
  • Login and area to update and input your news.
  • Dynamic widgets to view your company Facebook page / Twitter / Linkedin

CEE Partners