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DCCA: Uniting Chambers along the Danube

The Danube Chambers of Commerce Association links 22 Chambers of Commerce from across the Danube region. Established in 2010, the DCCA aims to unite regional Chambers and harmonise them according to the principles set out in the EU's Danube Region Strategy.

Who is the DCCA?

The DCCA strives to advance cooperation amongst its members and partners. Due to the chamber system's historically established traditional advocacy and representation structure, it aims to enforce the common representation and advocacy of the enterprises operating along the Danube. The only association of its kind in the region, DCCA links together Chambers of Commerce and business networks from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The Danube Region

The Danube Region is among the most important regions of Europe. It includes several member states of the European Union, and it extends to a number of countries that have joined the European Neighbourhood Policy. There are five capitals as well as many important economic centres located alongside the river.

The European Union regards the Danube Region as an integrated area of action with a potentially significant role in the developement of the whole region. The increasing importance of macro-regions strongly underlines the need to treat the Danube Region separately from other European macro-regions. The Danube Region has excellent chances of becoming a new axis for development in Europe, especially because it plays a critical role in the European Union concept of territorial cohesion.

DCCA Mission and Principles

The Danube Chamber of Commerce Association's philosophy is to create a single, unified platform of economic opportunities enhancing the business co-operation, strengthening the cohesion between the entrepreneurs and enterprises operating in different countries of the macro-region, along horizontal principles.

The strategy of the Danube Chamber of Commerce Association is based on the following principles:

1. Participation in developing the Danube Strategy principles
2. Information circulation, initiatives, integration and cohesion
3. Environment, trade, tourism
4. Promotion and advocacy of interests



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