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Many of our clients are reaping the benefits of globalisation while also meeting the challenges it creates.

As an international law firm, our overriding goal is to work alongside our clients as a trusted adviser, providing the support they need to thrive in this dynamic economic environment.

And as our clients have moved to maximise commercial opportunities in new markets, so have we. We continue to invest in a growing network of international offices that covers Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the Americas and most recently Africa.

With 42 offices in 29 countries, our presence is amongst the largest of any legal practice. Nearly 70% of our work involves Allen & Overy offices in two or more jurisdictions and more than 50% involves at least three.

These figures are a testament to our ability to provide seamless advice to clients on their most complex, multi-jurisdictional matters.

But our presence is only half of the story. Our 5,000 staff, including over 500 partners worldwide, work together in a highly integrated manner to leverage their expertise and experience for our clients' benefit.

In a proud 80-year history, we've fostered creative, independent thinking within a collaborative culture, to ensure that outstanding things happen when the best minds work together.

As a result, our lawyers are involved in many of the most influential commercial ventures and are known for providing clients with pioneering solutions to the toughest legal challenges. This, above all, explains why Allen & Overy remains a leader in its field.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is part of our business strategy. We deal ethically, imaginatively and effectively with novel, sensitive and complex issues to produce a quality end product.

We believe our social investment work – often in some of the most remote parts of the world and tackling some of the most significant issues – expands our capability and confidence to overcome intellectual, cultural and geographical barriers.

Read more about how we apply our principles of fairness to all our stakeholders - clients, employees, suppliers, our human rights policy, the communities in which we work and the environment.


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