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Founding partners

Sustaining partners

  • Well educated workforce
  • Lower labour costs
  • Signficantly lower operational costs
  • People speak several languages
  • Reliable partners, eager to do business with foreign companies
  • Good knowledge of international business practices
  • GDP growth 2 to 3 times the EU average, close to that of BRIC countries


Business Opportunities


  • Romania offers significant opportunities to UK businesses with products, services or technologies that either meet growing private demand or contribute to the country's development priorities
  • The main objective of the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) is to provide UK companies with a wider range of practical, end-to-end business support which leverages private sector experience.
  • BRCC offers you support through an integrated network of 6 business centres in the region, trade advisory, country analysis and market research, hot desking and many more services.

Main economic sectors


  • Agriculture - large arable land available for cultivation and needed supplies of raw materials and equipment
  • IT - fastest internet in Europe, highly skilled specialists, cheap labour force, not enough R&D resources
  • Infrastructure - large scale developments, EU funding, business partnerships
  • Real Estate - long term investment opportunities in retail development, hotels and (social) housing
  • Tourism - UNESCO heritage sites, huge potential though under-promoted, under-developed
  • Automotive - 50 years of experience, profitable involvement possible at different levels, 2 leading car manufacturers (Dacia-Renault and Ford) produce in Romania
  • Manufacturing - layered system with supply chain opportunities for SMEs
  • Food processing - vast supply chain opportunities in all sub-sectors of the Food & Drinks sector.