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Who is the CEE Business Portal?

The CEE Business Portal is your go-to source of market sector, event and business opportunity information for British business in Central and Eastern Europe.

The CEE Business Portal serves as a central point of contact for the UK government, Export Britain, and the six CEE Chambers of Commerce involved in the Overseas Business Networks initiative (OBNi). We seamlessly connect British business and investors to mid- and high-value business opportunities, British Chamber of Commerce members abroad, valuable market sector information, and integral events, news, and business resources. 

By working with our partners in the United Kingdom and the CEE alike, we aim to provide a streamlined extra layer of support for British business looking to expand abroad. We are dedicated to assisting British companies enter the CEE market or solidify their presence therein by connecting them to key players in the region. The CEE Business Portal aims to facilitate the distinctive roles of the UK government, Chambers of Commerce and SMEs in today's business market. 


Small- and medium-sized businesses are the heart of the CEE's thriving market, and we at the CEE Business Portal strive to ensure their success. Our mission is to provide SMEs with enhanced visibility, business opportunities, and special services, and our website is structured with SMEs in mind.

The Portal connects SMEs with service providers, corporations, business networks, and company peers throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Often, the greatest roadblock in business is accessing potential connections, and the Portal works to counteract this barrier. 


The CEE Business Portal is a premier source for international businesspeople looking to do business in the CEE. Corporations that work with the CEE Business Portal are given the option of various membership levels to best suit their needs. These large enterprises can communicate directly with SMEs while gaining visibility in a high-traffic business hotspot. All corporate memberships are given prominent visibility and the ability to seamlessly market their services to new clients.

Chambers of Commerce

Collaboration between regional business networks and the CEE Business Portal amplifies the number of viable connections available within the CEE. By partnering with the CEE Business Portal, Chambers of Commerce gain access to further benefits to give their SMEs, high-level event promotion, and increased exposure.

Partnership for Chambers of Commerce - and each of their SME members - is always free of charge. We realise that SMEs are the core of business and strive to give them as many advantages as possible.